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Being a service company, we rely on the trust of our customers. We try our best to help local people who suffer from boiler or heating problems, and we treat all customers as the same as we hope to be treated.

We are competent on boiler and heating repairs, and we have more than engough work load to cope with. We have fixed and serviced over a thousand boilers each year, and we have also installed 40 plus boilers every year. As we know what we are doing, we really don't need to make anybody feel being ripped off, even if we arestruggling on one or two particular boilers (very rarely). We will look after you.

Invited by us, or voluntarily, some customers have left their reviews to support our business, and we really appreciate their help. Up to Jan 2023, we have had the highest number of Google reviews among local gas and plumbing firms.

If you are a potential customer who is considering to employ us for your boiler and heating jobs, we are sure you will not hesitate to contact us after reading these reviews. And, we also hope you will add your experience here later.

Google Reviews

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Some Reviews Received

Connor C (Uxbridge, 12/2022, Google review):

"Mark did a fantastic job at my property where the boiler was not working and the house was initially freezing cold. He came in reconnected the gas, fixed the boiler and ensured that the hot water/ radiator was working to perfection. The job was not easy and there was a lot of obstacles in the way (including problems with connecting power to the boiler, problems with my taps, as well as problems with leakage in the property)… but Mark always thinks outside the box to find the correct solution. His work ethic is second to none and he was working till close to midnight on Xmas eve to sort out some of the issues (where most tradesmen would have given up). He is an honest man that you can trust to do a good job at a fair price. I will for sure be recommending him to all my friends and family."

Sarah Bowman (Uxbridge, 12/2022, Google review):

"I had a problem with my boiler and utilised the services of Uxbridge Boiler Repairs. Mark quickly diagnosed what the problem was and quickly resolved the issue. I found Mark to be friendly, punctual and professional. If you have got a problem with your boiler or central heating system, I highly recommend Mark to help you fix the fault."