Commercial Boiler Repairs

Herts Boilers offer commercial and industrial boiler repairs and servicing in St Albans, Hemel Hempstead, Hatfield, Watford, Harpenden, Radlett, Welwyn Garden City, and in Hertfordshire.

We also offer commercial and industrial boiler repairs services in London via:

Commercial BoilersThe engineering behind commercial boilers is not a rocket science. Commercial boilers are just large scale and need to be robust and reliable, their operation principles are the same as domestic boilers, sometimes even simpler than domestic boilers. Once commercial boilers have been installed properly, they are not difficult to repair if they break down.

Commercial boiler repairs are expensive for obvious reasons. We are a local company with commercial boiler qualifications and experience. We have the ability to find the faulty parts in a commercial boiler or heating breakdown, and to get it fixed in an efficient way and at a competitive rate.

We are also electricians with commercial scopes so we understand boiler electronics and plant room controls better than most other commercial gas engineers.

What makes a boiler commercial?

BMS (Building Management System) and commercial boilers

Some modern commercial boilers are controlled by BSM via OpenTherm. If to replace an existing commercial boiler, it is needed to take this as a primary consideration for new boiler make and model, ie, new boiler should be OpenTherm compatible.

Are there many gas operatives who can repair commercial boilers?

No, Less than 5% of total gas engineers have commercial gas tickets.

Can a domestic gas engineer repair a commercial boiler?

No. Otherwise he or she will be working outside the scope. The severity of the offence is the same as an illegal gas worker on domestic boilers.

But some domestic gas engineers are permitted to do pool boiler repairs, providing they hold HWB1 ticket.

Are there many gas operatives who can repair commercial boilers?

Only a couple of independent gas engineers in St Albans have the necessary qualification to work on commercial boilers.

Even for domestic boilers, probably only one in four gas operatives is competent at repairs.

Swimming Pool Boiler Repairs:

Pool boilersBeing a boiler specialist, we have been involved in swimming pool boiler service and repairs in Hertfordshire and north London.

Again, pool boilers are not very complicated compared to domestic boilers, but if it is a direct heat to the pool water, it needs a special ACS qualification to work on it legally, this ticket is called HWB1.

Most of newlish indoor pools are using indrect heat from a boiler to pool water through Air Handling Unit (AHU), which has a heat exchanger for water heat and air heat.

As a small local business we have the advantage of a quick response, reasonable callout fees and, Pool Boilersmore importantly, being very competent at boiler repairs.

We charge a callout for an initial diagnostic visit. Once we diagnose the boiler problem, we always offer a "no fix no fee" policy, even on commercial and pool boilers. If we can't fix a boiler, we don't charge then (apart from initial callout), ie, we don't charge fees by hours.


We don't do free callouts for commercial boiler repairs.

We have a callout charge £100 + VAT for commercial boiler fault finding service for local Hertfordshire businesses. We will then discuss the price of the failed parts and labour costs with customers. Even in the commercial sphere, we still adopt a transparent pricing policy.