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We offer boiler services in Uxbridge and West London.

If you need a boiler repair, please call us to make a repair appointment. We don't charge for a boiler repair callout (assuming it is a first visit, and it is purely for diagnosis). We also treat boiler repair jobs as a matter of emergency, i.e., we will turn up quickly.

Standard efficiency boilers:

SE boiler serviceFor standard efficiency boilers (SE and non condensing boilers) a service is pretty straightforward. We charge £60 all inclusive for a service.

These types of boilers were installed before 2005. Their efficiency rates are between 55% and 80%. As they are simple and reliable, a significant amount of them are still in operation. To be honest new modern boilers don't last that long!

We don't normally need to replace any seals on SE boilers during a service, and their combustion chambers are ready accessible.

Boiler service checking List - standard efficiency type

Back boilers:

Back boilerA back boiler service will also involve servicing its front fire, thus the combined price is £110.

We love back boilers! They are simple and long lasting - as long as they get serviced on a regular basis. They also run for much longer than modern new boilers, which tend to only have a life span of about 10 to 15 years.

Back boilers do need be serviced on a regular basis due to the nature of their operation. They are required to be clean of dust for a safe and efficient operation. 

Floor standing storage boilers:

A boiler service for floor standing storage boilers the price is £110.

Modern high efficiency boilers:

HE boilerRegarding modern high efficiency boilers (this type of boilers has pre-mix burners, and has mainly been installed from 2005) there are two types of boiler servicing.

Defined Scope: This should be done on an annual basis. It is generally a safety check, and also including some "top ups" and cleaning of hydraulic parts. The price is £60 (£72 inc. VAT). It comprises a limited procedure, focusing on a visual inspection, flue gas analysis, and the mandatory safety checks laid down in the Gas Safety Regulations (Reg 26.9).

A defined scope service will not include in-depth cleaning of the combustion chamber (main heat exchanger and burner) which is included in a full scope service.

Checking List - Defined Scope

Full Scope: This is a full strip-down service for modern condensing boilers. It is carried out according to the manufacturer requirements every couple of years, or for knowing evidence that a boiler's operation has been deteriorated. On a full strip-down service, we clean the pre-mixed burner, combustion chamber and main heat exchanger. This will normally require more labour and materials such as burner seals etc. Thus the price for this level of boiler service is subject to the boiler model, and is typically £110 (£132 inc. VAT, excluding seals or parts etc).

Checking List - Full Scope

The full scope service fee for a Worcester Greenstar i junior boiler, the most popular boiler installed, is about £125 all inclusive. On the other hand as an extreme example, a good full-scope service for a Range Powermax boiler costs a couple of hundred pounds!

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Boiler servicing checklist from Which?

Boiler Service FAQs

What is the main difference between a Defined Scope and a Full Scope service on a modern condensing boiler?

The only difference is the work on the combustion chamber. A full scope service entails opening and cleaning the burner, the combustion chamber and the main heat exchanger. The combustion door seal might also require replacement.

What should and shouldn't a boiler service include?

As you generally request a boiler service when your boiler is still working, you might not notice the difference before and after a boiler service, and not know what a boiler service should and should not include. The rule is very simple - boiler engineers should carry out boiler service procedures according to manufacturers instructions, but we often go a extra mile to make your boiler good.

What is the purpose of a boiler service?

To check and maintain the working status of a boiler. It is always good to have a regular boiler service, but a boiler service is not just a cleaning procedure using a hoover. It involves work on the following aspects: (1). the combustion chamber, which includes the heat exchanger, the main burner, the pilot injector, and fan cleaning; (2). checking of burner pressure, gas rate etc, or combustion gas analysis for modern condensing boilers; (3). checking and cleaning the condensate path and trap; and (4). the expansion vessel's top up, plus PRV and AAV cleaning. The aim of a boiler service is to check and ensure the boiler is working as it should.

When should I have my boiler serviced?

In our opinion, modern boilers don't need a full strip down service in the first three years. So why do boiler manufacturers require annual boiler services to validate their warranties? If you read their service instructions, you will know any service within the first three years might just be a check not a boiler strip down to clean and re-adjust. For obvious reasons, boiler manufacturers will never say you don't need a boiler service.

Will a boiler service prolong the life of my boiler?

On the one hand yes, on the other hand no. A boiler consists of many different parts. A typical boiler's life expectancy is about 15 years. Ideally all the parts on a boiler should work within first 15 years, then in the 16th year all the parts fail. In practice, this is impossible - one or more parts on a boiler will fail before it reaches its 15th year. Then you have a boiler breakdown. In most cases, these broken down parts, e.g. fans, pumps and PCBs, were not picked up and rectified in a previous service. If a boiler is beyond economical repair, then it has reached the end of its life.

Will a boiler service prevent a boiler breaking down in the future?

It is always sad to get a call from a client reporting his or her boiler has broken down not long after we have serviced it. So, will a boiler service prevent a boiler breaking down in the future? Yes and no!

Boiler breakdowns are caused by failed parts which in turn are related to many factors - age of the boiler, boiler quality, intensity of use, proper installation, regular maintenance and protection etc. A boiler service is mainly a safety check and for the maintenance of effective combustion performance, plus some hydraulic cleaning. It is not involved in component replacements for precaution purpose. Theoretically, a boiler service has not much effect on preventing a boiler breakdown.

The most frequently replaced parts during boiler repairs are fans, PCBs (main circuit boards), pumps and diverter valves (if it is a combi boiler), but a boiler service will do little for those which are unserviceable.

On the other hand, a boiler service will definitely result in a positive outcome for boiler operation, e.g., properly adjusted combustion, a clean flue way and condensation path, plus a re-pressured expansion vessel, non leaking AAV and PRV etc.

Do you add some inhibitor after a boiler service?

Normally no. As the water amount lost during a boiler service is only about 1% to 2% of the whole system.

Will you offer a free recall if I have a boiler problem right after you serviced my boiler?

Normally not. Being a competent boiler engineer, it is unlikely we have caused any harm to your boiler during a boiler service. But mistakes do happen, we will consider to come back free of charge as a recall on a weekday to have a check, providing it is within two weeks of your boiler service. After two weeks we will still treat your new job as a matter of urgency, eg, we will come back asap, but it is likely a chargeable visit.

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